Offline Notice Component In Ionic React
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By @akash_dathan

Offline Notice Component In Ionic React

Let’s see how we can build an offline notice component for Ionic using React which displays a component when the device is offline

No Internet Component

We will be using the capacitor network plugin to pull the native network statuses from the device. Use the following commands to install the module

npm install @capacitor/network
npx cap sync

Once the module is installed, let’s start building the component as follows

import React from 'react';
import { IonChip } from '@ionic/react';
import { Network } from '@capacitor/network';

export class NoInternet extends React.Component {
  constructor(props: Props) {

    this.state = { connected: true };


  async getConnection() {
    const status = await Network.getStatus();

    if(!status.connected) {
      this.setState({ connected: status.connected });

    Network.addListener('networkStatusChange', ({ connected }) => {
      this.setState({ connected });

  render() {
    if (this.state.connected) return;

    return (
      <IonChip className="NoInternet" color="danger">
        No Internet
  • as per the code above, getConnection is called in the constructor, so that its initialised
  • Network.addListener will keep track of the network status change, and update the states accordingly.

This component can be used in the code without any conditions, since it returns undefined if the networj status is online. Following is an example of how you can use it in the code.

render() {
  return (


              Search Bar


        // Can be used like this directly



That’s all folks, happy hacking 🙌